"A small inheritance from Mother  facilitated the purchase of  the land at  145 Broadview Road and  “The Superior Finish” was born.  "

"Nathaniel Neal, her son, is  now heading up operations and continuing to move the business into a more advanced technical phase.   still offering the same services The Superior Finish is now offering fully remote window treatments that can be operated from your telephone or computer anywhere in the world. "

"Born in England and raised in Windsor,  my exposure to history and quality was instilled in me.  Summer vacations were spent touring Castles, historic homes  and Mansions , my Mother making me aware of fine detail in fine art, architecture, gardens and furnishings.  Gardening was a passion of hers and has become mine."

"Originally the Manager of Howick and Howick, Interior Design, on Church Street, Waynesville, and the adjoining Dry Cleaners.  Sue Smith (formerly Sue Neal) started The Superior Finish in 1986."

"The  Upholstery Class at Haywood Community College taught me the art of Upholstery work and at one stage I was asked to teach it.   The basement of of my home was my first workshop and later the  converted Garage."  

"The move to North Main Street, Waynesville, was a total leap of faith, unsure of my financial stability and home life, I rented a section of the building and invested in a Waverly outlet retailing popular designer fabrics.  Going into the drapery business was not intended, (having made draperies when the children were small  and vowing never to do it again) but following the death of her beloved drapery lady, she needed that outlet.  The Upholstery and Drapery business flourished and necessitated expansion - first  occupying another area in the same building and eventually renting the entire building"

"Partnering with Hunter Douglas the new showroom shows the breathtaking advances that have been made in window treatments."

"Sunsetter and Solux Awnings, Graber window treatments,  and many other wonderful name brand products are available.  Drapery and Upholstery fabrics are still a main commodity with over 2000 rolls of designer fabricsat less than wholesale prices."

Serving Western North Carolina since 1986

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